I Am Savage, For Savage Is Me

We begin our learning early on in life by mimicking those we see around us.  We are the sponge for socialization in the environment, and our actions and thoughts are a complete expression of our upbringing and experiences. The funny thing is that the animalistic part of us isn’t taught:  It’s explored.  It’s an innate function that sooner or later you know exists.  Sometimes it brings you to newer heights, or can hinder you from society.  The quest is finding your animalistic side and knowing how to use it to your advantage.  We are creatures of this Earth for we depend on nutrition and water to sustain our bodies.  We depend on Oxygen to keep us breathing, which makes us reliant on plants to convert carbon dioxide, the air we breathe out, to oxygen that we breathe in.  We are part of this Earth whether you like it or not, and the Earth is part of us.  When your instincts drive you to conclusions, go with it, for the Earth has given you special coping abilities to sense fear, danger,  and other useful traits when necessary.  Feed the savage part of yourself and know that we’re not just intellectuals and philosophers, but also animals connected with nature.

Find your animal soul, and take a life-long ride with it.  It will serve you well.


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