“Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” -The Fictitious (or is he?) Tyler Durden, sourced from the creative mind of Chuck Palahniuk. 

Last year I was involved in a car crash that ended up wrecking my 2000 Chevy Camaro.  I was so engulfed by the shock of my car being totaled that because of my grief towards my materialistic possession, I missed out on a completely relevant Fight Club moment!

Time didn’t slow down nor did my life flash before my eyes like in the movie as that old lady in the white Ford Escort mindlessly made a turn when I had the right away to drive.  In my imagination I’d like to believe it did though.  I’d like to think me and her locked eyes for an eternity, mystified by the oncoming hunks of metal that were almost destined to be together like magnets.  The slow motion would then ensue and some background music would start playing.  Some orchestrated masterpiece specifically written for the demise of my Camaro and the small impact on her bumper (WHICH I STILL CURSE TO THIS DAY).  While we’re in this slow-fi scenario, picture us both holding insanely large cups of coffee that splashed EVERYWHERE UPON IMPACT, making our facial expressions priceless in this dance of carmageddon, but that’s just my imagination steering me off into tangents.  My car wasn’t actually that wrecked, I never did get to experience my life flashing before my eyes, we weren’t holding insanely huge cups of coffee that splashed everywhere, and most importantly, we both walked away completely unharmed from the incident.
The fight club scene that almost never happened.


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