An Ode To Coffee: The Nectar of the Gods

Coffee.  The word itself seems to caffeinate my mind just by saying it.  Coffee, a.k.a. the nectar of the gods, is how I know this universe is divine for it granted Earth the ability to sprout coffee beans from it’s soil.  I caffeinate on a daily basis, therefore making me a Coffee-holic.  I’m not proud to say it, but it’s what I am.  As long as I have a cup of java in my hand, my outlook on the rest of the day seems to brighten.  No longer am I burdened by the fact that I woke up entirely too early to be alive, nor that anyone and everyone deserves a neck chop for any minor agitation against me.  With coffee, my outlook is clear, present, and ready to metaphorically neck chop my way through the day (I think neck chops should be allotted at least twice a day by the way).  Just the other day at work, as soon as my two employees walked in the door I yelled “I hate both of you today”.  I don’t really remember why I said it besides the fact that I was running behind that morning and didn’t have time to make a cup on the ol’ french press.  As soon as I had my first cup of the day however….

“And in the basement of the Armory bar, Tyler Durden slips to the floor in a warm jumble.  Tyler Durden the great, who was perfect for one moment, and who said that a moment is the most you could ever expect from perfection.”  – Fight Club Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Leo was reborn.  Caffeinated Leo took control once more.

And now, some relevant pictures to the best damn drink ever crafted by humans:

(sourced from The Oatmeal

How I love thee, coffee.  How I love thee.


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