Your Daily Ritual

We all do it, because if you didn’t you would be stressed out of your mind.  Your complete collection of thoughts would be steered towards this one thing, and analyzing every different scenario that could happen would put you in a state of immeasurable anxiety.  What is this “thing” I’ve so vaguely described that we can all relate to?

Absent minded driving, my friends.  Absent minded driving.

Can you ever recall a time when you took a drive and weren’t completely enveloped in thought?  I thought so (company in the car doesn’t count FYI).  We all do it because driving is a stress inducing, tedious task, forcing you to focus on how you’re driving, ensuring that others who can’t drive  are well within distance, the possibilities that your car or another driver’s car could fail, law enforcement regulating your speed and actions, your overwhelming urge to neck-chop other drivers, and many more factors that key into a normal car drive.  Driving has made it so we almost need to zone out just to make the ride pleasurable.  For my daily  “zoning ” ritual, I take my drive with a cup of coffee (preferably an Americano or some coffee a la French Press), and some soulful tunes from my iphone which is filled with binders upon binders of folk, alternative, indie, synthpop, electronic, classical, and some hip-hop.

*Sidenote:  This has been my current music obsession in the mornings and is available for free on bandcamp!

I found that a drive without one of these key ingredients leads me to a less than pleasurable experience:
No coffee – Non-caffeinated Leo (as mentioned in my previous post) loses his hyperactive flair in life

No music – My thoughts have no soundtrack, making them less of a movie in my head and more of just a plain…boring…thought.


Coffee & Music = My Daily Ritual



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