Have you found your dragon?

In a world of noise where frequencies are constantly bombarding our sensitive animal ears, it’s quite ironic that we seek out experiences that render us speechless.  Moments where our brain, trained to make us vocalize and react to stimulus, cause us to be at a loss for words.  It is these moments where our sense of awe and wonder are revived with full force, enabling us to think beyond our normal thought processes.

For example, let’s say one day you woke up as usual.  You dragged yourself out of bed, took a shower (while pondering life for those brief and beautiful half-awaken moments), brewed a cup of coffee, went outside, and saw a dragon flying over heard.  Not a bird or a plane, but a motherfucking dragon.  Could you conjure up the words to describe that you had just seen a beast only known in myths and lore for those brief moments before you shit your pants?  Those are the moments I live for and the experiences we’re all meant to have, minus the shitting of the pants.   Those are the types of moments that stir an awakening inside you.

While we won’t see any dragons in the near future unless Science is able to breed such a creature (if Jurassic Park can breed dinosaurs, I’m quite certain we can make some headway in this), we can still have metaphorical dragons in our lives that can fire up our sense of wonder in the world.  For those that still have that wonder, Herald your experiences for the world needs to know, but for the rest of us that have that wonder dormant from everyday life and stressors, we need to find our dragons.  What will you do with your dragon?  Will you nurture and raise your dragon, learning to channel its awesome power, or will you put on your armor and grab your sword and shield and slay the abomination that caused you to poop your pants?  Regardless of what you do to that dragon, the important thing is that you’ve found it.

Important Note:  If you actually see dragons, contact your Physician.   


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